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Move over, Amazon. Walmart Plus is a new membership program designed to compete with Amazon Prime. Although the Walmart Plus launch date has been delayed a number of times, reports indicate that Walmart Plus' debut is imminent.

At the company's last earnings call, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon shared details on Walmart Plus indicating that Walmart is ready to move forward with their new service. However, McMillon declined to give an official Walmart Plus launch date. 

In the meantime, the Walmart Plus teaser website has been live for weeks indicating that the service is "almost here." The landing page gives a few clues as to what consumers can expect from the service when it launches. Here's what we know about Walmart Plus, and how it compares to Amazon Prime based on the latest leaks.

Walmart Plus membership will reportedly include same-day delivery of groceries and other merchandise sold by Walmart. Think of Walmart Plus as the retailer's answer to Amazon Prime.

The membership program appears to be a rebranding of Walmart's $98-per-year Grocery Unlimited service. The grocery delivery service launched last year and quickly expanded to 1,400 additional stores in September of 2019.

However, the Walmart Plus website depicts groceries alongside tech, beauty, and sports products. The website indicates that Walmart Plus will include a variety of products beyond groceries.

The official Walmart Plus price has not been confirmed, but reports suggest that Walmart may stick with a $98 annual fee. This would make Walmart Plus cheaper than Amazon Prime, which costs $119 per year. However, Walmart Plus could offer different price tiers with varying perks based on the tier that consumers choose. Currently, there's no word on whether there will be a monthly option for Walmart Plus. It's also unclear if Walmart Plus will be rolled out nationally or limited to certain states only. In the past, Walmart has debuted services in select states only before introducing them nationally.

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