Black Friday Apple Watch deals 2020

Many people look forward to Black Friday as a way to get great tech for cheap, and one of the most popular gadgets to see sales is always the Apple Watch.

In last year's sales we saw plenty of discounts, especially on the then-two-year-old Apple Watch 3, but with some minor Apple Watch 4 deals here and there, and even one or two price drops for the then-brand-new Apple Watch 5.

By Black Friday 2020, we'd expect the Apple Watch 6 will be unveiled, so it's possible we could see some deals on that too. Generally, though, it seems likely the Apple Watch 4 will be the smartwatch we see plenty of great deals on.

Well, we hope to see plenty of fantastic sales and deals on all kinds of tech gadgets, including the Apple Watch for people who don't own one or want to upgrade from an older model, but iPhones, iPads, and other non-Apple products.

So when is Black Friday 2020?  The biggest deals won't start until November, as the Black Friday date is November 27, 2020, but we'd expect some retailers to start their sales early – Amazon Prime Day 2020 may be in early October to kick things off. The Apple Watch could very well be part of the first wave of reductions.

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