Walmart is Restocking PS5, Xbox Series S and X Today

 Walmart is Restocking PS5, Xbox Series S and X Today.

Today at 3 p.m. ET, Walmart will restock the PS5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. That's per a banner that appeared on these products' pages on

That's exciting news for anyone still holding out hope for getting one of these new consoles in 2020. Best Buy also released limited stock of all three systems this morning (and promptly sold out).

If you plan to try your luck at Walmart, get ready. These are the pages to shop (and refresh):


Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series X.

Note that the consoles will be available for shipping only and will arrive after Christmas.

It's been nearly impossible to snag these consoles since they were released in November -- at least at their regular price from major retailers. The resale market is also an option, but expect prices to be exorbitant. And watch out for scams.

In addition to high consumer demand, bots are another major factor in these consoles selling out immediately any time they've gone back into stock. See what measures Walmart has been taking to minimize the effect of bots. Even so, expect these consoles to sell out quickly.

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